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Platform Overview

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Institutional-grade transaction tracking to simplify asset reporting and management for diverse users and markets.


Total Fund AUM

At the top, key financial metrics are displayed: a total fund value of $232,647, which has increased by 93.87% over the displayed time period. Other metrics include 24-hour change, a 7-day change, a 1-month change, and an “all’ time gain.

To the right, a callout box details personal total P&L, and down below that features a line graph visualizing the fund’s performance over time. 


Top Fund Holdings

This feature displays essential information such as the type of asset, current market price, quantity held, and both realized and unrealized profits and losses (P&L). The design is user-friendly, offering the ability to adjust the number of assets displayed per page, enhancing the user experience by allowing for a tailored view of investments.

Individual Overview

The top section, the Individual Overview, features a detailed line graph tracking the performance of various investment components over time, including Total Fees, Long and Short Term Realized Gains, Unrealized Gains, Committed Capital, and Assets Under Management.

Below the graph, the Individual Portfolio section lists your share of the top assets held, such as U.S. Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apple Inc. shares. Similar to the Top Fund Holdings and the Total Fund AUM section, the individual has an interface to view their total share of the overall fund.

Performance Comparison

This feature showcases the growth of an initial $1,000 investment over time in various assets, comparing your fund to notorious benchmarks like the SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust).

The interface offers tabs for switching between graphical and tabular data as well as functionality for adjusting asset selections and initial investment parameters for a comparative analysis.


Your Fund Share

The “Your Fund Share” section of the Easefolio dashboard is designed to provide investors with a visual representation of their ownership percentage in a particular fund over a specified period, in this case from 2019 to 2023.

It’s streamlined and devoid of complex elements, suggesting the platform prioritizes ease of use and clarity, allowing users to understand their financial positions at a glance. The section serves as a quick reassurance or a quick check mechanism to ensure that their investment level remains steady and fully allocated as planned.


Total Fund Holdings

This section of the Easefolio dashboard represents the distribution of assets in a portfolio. It provides a visual representation of the percentage of each asset type, allowing the user to quickly understand the composition of their investments. 

Functionalities across this section in the dashboard include:

Date Selector: The date in the top right corner allows the user to select the date for which they want to view their portfolio holdings.

Filter Option: Allows the user to filter the holdings by asset type, date range, or other criteria.

Interactive Chart Elements: The chart is interactive, allowing users to click on or hover over sections to see exact percentages or values of their assets.


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