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EaseFolio offers the industry’s most comprehensive data analysis, accounting, and asset management platform to create an independent, verifiable audit trail for all types of assets. Whether it’s stocks, bonds, real estate, or cryptocurrencies, Easefolio tracks the lifecycle of each transaction, from the origin of cost basis to transfers and disposition, providing precise calculations, complete confidence, and ensuring full compliance.

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Our Story

Once upon a time in 2021, a group of financial professionals embarked on a mission to revolutionize portfolio management. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional methods, they created EaseFolio, a groundbreaking platform designed to track and optimize their own internal fund model, bidding farewell to tedious Excel spreadsheets.

With a passion for precision and a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, they crafted EaseFolio to offer a comprehensive solution that surpassed their own expectations. This powerful platform brought together cutting-edge technology and intuitive user experience, providing an all-in-one solution for portfolio monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

As they experienced the transformative power of EaseFolio within their own organization, the team realized they had something extraordinary to offer the wider financial community. They recognized the potential to help other fund managers, wealth advisors, and investment professionals overcome the challenges they once faced.

EaseFolio became synonymous with efficiency and reliability, enabling users to seamlessly manage their portfolios, analyze performance metrics, and gain valuable insights into asset allocation. The platform’s robust reporting capabilities offered transparency and facilitated clear communication with clients, strengthening relationships and building trust.

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